Castore x ECB

The calm before the storm


It’s the week before you take the stage. Greatness is on your mind, but how do you get there? Every athlete has their own routine that stretches further than just before game day. Some need to stay stimulated and others love the silence.

The key is in getting your body and mind right.

We will follow our England cricket players on the lead up to game day. Showcasing movement and comfort, not only through the narrative but clothing.

Look and feel

Each of these ideas centred around a mix of talking heads, archive match footage and training footage. It is important that we were able to create something that is within budget but stylistically matches the creative feel Castore has, so all ideas were scalable.
Shots will be aest

hetically thought out and have a personal approach through a combination of to-camera testimonials and beauty cutaways, paired with sound design capture that not only allow the viewer to feel a part of the action but shows Castore’s sportswear in its greatest environment - during work.