THE HUNDRED – Creative Direction


The Hundred set out to do what no sporting tournament had done before…to put men and women on an equal footing when it came to everything from media coverage, tournament schedule and prize money.

We joined forces with The Hundred in the earliest stages of brand definition. Since then, we have been instrumental in helping the new format gain traction by providing creative solutions, hard-hitting strategies both social and OOO and Award Winning stand-out content.

Harnessing the power of design, digital and CRM, our remit is diverse. From knockout partnership announcements edits, creative visuals, talent-led content series all the way to branding, CRM and in stadia signage. Every aspect is covered.

The results speak for themselves. With a broadcast reach of 16.1 million and record attendances of 267K  for women’s cricket across the competition through our social strategy, we are proud to have support The Hundred in not only reaching those audiences, but also inspiring girls to pick up a pathway into cricket.


Pulling together the powers of design, digital and CRM was going to be key.

Through high energy explainer videos, we broke down the new format. From the rules of the game to what to expect on match day. These helped audiences gain a clear understanding of what The Hundred is all about while building anticipation for the summer ahead. As players joined teams or transferred to new ones, we kept audiences up-to-date with striking graphics.

The ECB designed The Hundred to be a game for everyone. A big part of that was about creating opportunities that went beyond the cricket pitch. The Hundred Rising was a brand-new programme of 100 exciting opportunitiesIt would offer up-and-coming talent a platform to showcase their skills and gain valuable experience. To help the programme launch in style, we created a wealth of content with a hero video starring Vick Hope.